Organic Living: Learning from The Eco Muslim

Allah has given us the trust to look after this Earth, besides looking after ourselves. Therefore, inculcating habits like eating organic foods vs junk foods, using less plastics, preserving the environment by not littering are all part of being a Muslim. In fact, Muslims should lead the way in this cause and not just be an observer or worse, the culprit for the damage.

I once felt guilty of using too many baby diapers (for my two active tots), these made up the bulk of my daily rubbish. So while searching the Internet for an opinion on this problem, I came across Sister Zaufishan’s article on why using plastics is not encouraged. Yes, it was a slap in the face for me. And I received another slap in the face yesterday while hearing Shaykh Hamza Yusuf speaking about how we should learn to lead an organic lifestyle. That it is part of being Muslims.

Let’s take simple baby steps from today to do what we can, based on our own capacities to save the Earth that God has entrusted us with. Here are some really relevant reasons why – bring it on Sister Zaufishan!