Fab Fitness: Viral Dance Zumba VS Great Singapore Workout

Hey hey hey… guess what? As I was searching for the Great Singapore Workout Video that my 4 year old daughter wanted to watch (her school uses this video for their exercise session), I stumbled upon the Zumba.

It wasn’t my first time hearing the name. I had read about many places offering Zumba sessions. But watching the Zumba was the first for me.

All the while, I thought it will be some Capoeira-like moves, or something too fast for me. Obviously I don’t have the stamina for Tae Bo moves.

But no…it was pretty do-able. There was also the belly dance bit in the middle. If any guy is reading this post, well, stop dreaming. I think Zumba is more suitable for ladies. Yes, an enthusiastic aerobics-loving Muslimah like me.

And the Great Singapore Workout video, I watched it too, and dear daughter was jumping and swinging her arms wildly. The new version was a little different (more dance moves but I preferred the older music),  than what I used to do in school 18 years ago .

Oh, did I just say 18 years? How time flies ya? I remembered then, back at Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. The old grandstand, the memorable place where I used to watch the school band members having their practices, while revising my notes. It was also where our morning assemblies were held and on certain days of the week, right after the national anthem and school song, the student leaders would be on the grandstand to guide us through the Singapore Workout.

I never regret going to that school. Not only were the teachers great. The environment was right for studying and also for keeping fit – brains and brawns. ┬áThe school put a lot of emphasis on high fitness levels, and hence, the regular morning jogs and workouts. The school was also rated the top in sports on the national level.

So, I must now go back to that fitness level. Time to switch on the power moves, do the Zumba! Plus the Great Singapore Workout with your kids.