Islam Loves Green Living: Saving Electricity Is Everyone’s Duty

We are accountable for our actions. So start saving electricity and don’t waste it.

I have been a freak when it comes to switching off appliances when they are not in use. Got this habit from Dear Mom.

But Dear Dad who came from the Technical/Electrical background said that sometimes, things are better left turned on, especially the lights, if you are going to use it frequently. What he means is that switches and appliances will get damaged if you keep turning them on and off.

So, I try my best to strike a good balance here. Usually I will leave the room lights on within an hour at night, when the family will be in and out of the room getting ready to pray. Then when everyone is watching TV in the living room, I will turn off the room lights.

We do not have an air conditioner, because we can’t afford the hefty bills and maintenance. But it’s a blessing in disguise, as we can save more electricity by using just the fan.

I would also hope that others who can afford air conditioners be using less of them. Yes, you may have the money to pay for your bills, but remember that if you can use less air-conditioning, you are also leaving less carbon footprints. Less electricity, less power generation, less air pollution..

Result: An action that pleases Allah.

I used to have a live-in maid, who used to work for a wealthy family. When she started working in my house, she was practically leaving all the lights on. She didn’t switch off the bathroom lights after use, and even slept with her room lights on. So I wonder if this was what the wealthy family she used to be living with had practised.

It has become part of her habit, and she took three days to get used to switching of the lights after use. The maid might have thought that since she is not paying for the bills, and it’s not her house, she does not have to worry about how much electricity she is wasting.

I wished I could have also told her that saving electricity is part of the Muslim lifestyle. I think she is not alone. There are many people who have the same mentality.

People tend to associate their actions with money. But very few remember to associate their actions with pleasing Allah.

Are we all not guilty at one point of time?

It’s not too late to start: Here are some things to do today – Energy Saving Practices At Home.¬†We start right at home, and then we can carry on the good habits to anywhere else we go.

Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage. At the rate we are consuming the Earth’s resources, what kind of Earth are we leaving behind for our kids and their children?