Memorise the Quran – The Jibril Method

Alhamdulillah, an easy way to memorise the Quran – the Jibril method, – shared by Ustaz Mohd. Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz from Malaysia. May Allah bless him for sharing this precious knowledge.

Use 30 minutes before solat Subuh to memorise 3 lines from a page.

1. 5 minutes to read and familiarise yourself with the 3 lines and find out the meaning, and understand it. Then chop up / segment each line into 7-9 digestible phrases and then read each line twice to internalise the meaning.

2. 15 minutes to read each segment 3 times looking at it, and 3 times without looking. Each time you succeed to memorise a line, read it 3 times without looking.

3. 10 minutes to reinforce your memory. Link up one line to another. Once the whole 3 lines are memorised, repeat 10 times without looking.

Read the successfully memorised 3 lines before each solat, during the solat (after your Al-Fatehah) and after your solat as a zikr.

InsyaAllah, Allah s.w.t will help us through this effort, and may we also acquire the Quranic quotient: the ability to apply Quran’s teachings in our lives.


Singapore Cancer Society Door to Door Recruitment

A Reality Check – A Pledge for Singapore Cancer Society

A surprise greeted me as I was playing with my kids this evening. There were a group of well-dressed people who came to my doorstep to introduce a donation pledge for the cancer patients and their families.

I felt a little lost when they asked, “Have you heard about the Singapore Cancer Society?” Oh, dear, I went totally blank before trying to retrieve a few traces of memory left of seeing the logo somewhere.

“Yes,” I said. “Heard about it from the donations people”. I was referring to the team of students carrying the donation cans bearing the Singapore Cancer Society logo.

The lady explained about the Society needing continuous donations – funds that will be deducted automatically from your credit cards every month, half yearly or annually. I agree that this is necessary because the expenses for cancer treatment can get pretty high, and the one-off donations are not sufficient to sustain the long term treatment, especially for those not covered by medical insurance plan.

The monthly donation options range from $38 to $58. Pretty affordable – this is like taking out your excess phone bills or water bills and putting it to better cause.

I remembered about the Islamic teaching – that one should not refuse someone who asks for help. To me, this is a gift from Allah – the ability to be able to donate and help someone. No, we should never expect anything in return. As I always believe, we should take care of our society, just like how Islam has encouraged us to do. To find someone who needs help and render the help required – how many of us are doing this?

And what affected me a little is the fact that the three fundraiser people are all non-Muslim, but have sacrificed their time and effort for this purpose. I can see that they are not driven by the money they earn from their job as professional fundraisers. Although they were drenched in sweat, they were still persistent to ensure that I have understood the purpose of their visit, which is to create awareness about the financial needs of the cancer patients and their families.

To be doing such door-to-door job, and forgo the comfort of sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned office is something not many young people will want.

But for these three individuals…I would say, “You guys are so lucky and are really blessed to land this job.”

FOBT, colorectal cancer pamphlet

Pamphlet containing information on Faecal Occult Blood Test for people above 50 years