Experiencing Thunderstorm, Raining Ice (Hail) in Jurong East

Today at about 3 pm, there was an unforgettable thunderstorm and “raining ice” at Jurong East.

It rained furiously with the debris being blown right into the corridor windows of my MIL’s flat in Jurong East. Slippers were blown all over the place.

A neighbour’s shoe rack was carried by the wind, and ended up broken apart at the staircase landing one flight of staircase below, with the shoes strewn on the staircase.

The cover of the electrical box in front of this neighbour’s house was broken and detached from the electrical box by the strength of the wind.

We kept ourselves indoors, while things were flung around and were banging on everywhere.

The winds were too strong that I can only think of one thing… is this the Yaumul Qiamah (D-Day)? My kids were already reading the du’a of Prophet Yunus: Laila ha illa anta Subhanaka inni kuntu Minazzalimin.

MashaAllah, we are already so scared when presented with a storm like this. What about the actual day, I cannot imagine.

There were also fallen trees around, and some people also got to pick up some ice from the hail.

A mind blowing incident. Thank you Allah, for reminding me of Your Wrath.