Memorise the Quran – The Jibril Method

Alhamdulillah, an easy way to memorise the Quran – the Jibril method, – shared by Ustaz Mohd. Asraff Ayob Al-Hafiz from Malaysia. May Allah bless him for sharing this precious knowledge.

Use 30 minutes before solat Subuh to memorise 3 lines from a page.

1. 5 minutes to read and familiarise yourself with the 3 lines and find out the meaning, and understand it. Then chop up / segment each line into 7-9 digestible phrases and then read each line twice to internalise the meaning.

2. 15 minutes to read each segment 3 times looking at it, and 3 times without looking. Each time you succeed to memorise a line, read it 3 times without looking.

3. 10 minutes to reinforce your memory. Link up one line to another. Once the whole 3 lines are memorised, repeat 10 times without looking.

Read the successfully memorised 3 lines before each solat, during the solat (after your Al-Fatehah) and after your solat as a zikr.

InsyaAllah, Allah s.w.t will help us through this effort, and may we also acquire the Quranic quotient: the ability to apply Quran’s teachings in our lives.


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