Stylishta: Uber Modest Muslimah Fashion

Oh not again… Another fashion that is wrongly depicted and carelessly recommended to fellow Muslimahs!

That thought rushed through my mind when I saw pictures of ladies wearing hijab but with skinny jeans and exposed neck (turban-styled hijab was worn without inner) on the pages of a prominent Muslimah magazine.

We should not let ourselves be engulfed in the fashion storm. So what if we skip the skinny jeans, and wear the flowy pants or a loose straight-cut jeans. Something that does not reveal the shape of our legs.

Do not think that it is ok to dress like the models in the magazine just because many of your friends and family members are doing that. When the trend is sinful, it is definitely nothing that can be excused.

The aim of a Muslimah fashion magazine is to lead Muslimahs to modest styles and not the opposite. The editor of the magazine should exercise greater caution and be more firm when deciding the contents to be published, as he or she will be accountable for the consequences – how the readers use the knowledge gained from the magazine, e.g. if they decide to follow a style that has unIslamic attributes.

If you see such mistake being done, do talk about it and send a feedback to the owner. This is one way we can contribute to pass the right message about Islam. Allah knows when you have a good intention and insyaAllah may our efforts last.

Things to Note on Uber Modest Style:

1. Hijab/Shawls should fall below the chest, not above as this gives better cover over the shape of the breasts.

2. Blouses and tops should not be fitting and look like they cling tightly to the body. Think baggy always!

3. Save the skinny jeans and pencil pants as inner wear below a long dress.

4. Blouses/tops worn over pants should fall below your butt, to provide coverage from people glancing at your butt shape.

5. The whole arm must be covered right up to the wrist. So wearing of short sleeved T-shirt, with bare lower arms, is completely unacceptable in Islam. But…if you are a domestic helper, who needs to bring up the sleeves, so your sleeves won’t get wet when you clean the kitchen utensils, by all means you can. Just remember to lower the sleeves again when you are done with the cleaning job.


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